2nd Way to Redefine Yourself: Afro-Jazz with Tyrone at Joy of Motion/Bethesda

Afro-JazzDay two of my 10 day challenge and I’m already sore. Not a good sign! Tonight I was at Joy of Motion/Bethesda for Afro-Jazz with Tyrone Murray. This was the first time I took the class so I had no idea what to expect. We started off with a center barre warm up; but instead of standing up, we were laying on our backs. The exercise made you think about the placement of your hips and your technique overall. On the floor, we did a LOT of stretching, as well as some sit ups and push ups. The stretching continued when we finally stood up. Picture this: You’re doing a lunge and then you straighten the bent knee so you’re almost in a split position. Now lean forward with a flat back. It was killer! In addition to having to work on stretching, I realized I need to work on my balance. At one point, he had us doing releves while we were hunched over with our hands on the ground then roll up to standing position while on the balls of our feet. Yup, need to work on that.

Class continued with African inspired across the floor exercises. Tyrone used a lot of analogies to describe the movement including animals tip toeing through the forest while they’re looking for prey and eagles in flight. He expanded on one of the across the floor exercises and taught about six eight counts of a center combination. At the end of class, he let us know that one of his goals for the year is to challenge his dancers and push them to the next level. He joked that it was not just for the students, but also to keep him in shape. If you’re looking to learn from a 30 year veteran of Joy of Motion, Afro-Jazz may be the class for you.

About Cecile
Cecile Oreste is an arts marketing and public relations professional living in New York City. Follow her on Twitter @cecileoreste.

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  1. Excellent stuff on 2nd Way to Redefine Yourself: Afro-Jazz with Tyrone at Joy of Motion/Bethesda danceDC. I even agree with most of it!

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