5th Way to Redefine Yourself: Street Jazz with Maurice at Joy of Motion/Bethesda

Street JazzWhen I first started my blog, I also created my Twitter account @dance_DC. I’ve connected with several dancers through the social media network and on occasion ask for class recommendations. Street Jazz with Maurice Johnson has been a response from many dance tweeps so I was excited to include it in my 10 day dance challenge.

The class is described by Joy of Motion Dance Center as a dance form that combines jazz, hip hop and funk. The level is considered advanced beginner (at least six months dance experience), but I thought it was more of an intermediate class. Maurice started out with a fast, choreographed warm up. He also did a decent amount of ab work including plank exercises and crunches. The combination he taught was extremely fast paced. It had a lot of sassy moves and reminded me of a hip hop class I used to take and absolutely loved while I was living in Boston. I forgot to ask Maurice what song he chose for the class, but it was one I had never heard before. I think I overheard him after class mentioning that the artist was some kind of MySpace sensation (not Tila Tequila). According to Maurice, he teaches the same choreography at his intermediate level class which he teaches on Saturdays. The difference between his advanced beginner and intermediate level classes is that he teaches at an even faster pace. If you’re looking for a challenging advanced beginner class and love sassing it up, Maurice is the man for you.


About Cecile
Cecile Oreste is an arts marketing and public relations professional living in Los Angeles. Follow her on Twitter @cecileoreste.

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