Dancer Profile: Brooke Miller of darlingdance company

Brooke Miller is a dancer and founding member of darlingdance company. She currently lives in Washington, DC and was recently hired by Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company as the organization’s Press & Digital Content Manager. In addition to ballet, jazz, lyrical and modern, Brooke also has experience with tap and hip hop. Follow her on Twitter @BrookeM1109.

Brooke MillerWhere do you usually take class? Who is your favorite teacher in the DC area?

Joy of Motion & BTI Dance. I loved a modern dance class that I took with Helen Hayes at Joy of Motion/Friendship Heights. I also had amazing dance teachers at George Washington University (GWU), where I completed a dance minor: Tiffany Haughn, Dana Tai Soon Burgess and Maida Withers.

How has dance changed your life? How do you feel when you’re dancing?

Dance has given me a sense of community and friendships that have lasted for 18+ years. It gave me a sense of discipline at a young age and a creative outlet to express myself. My love of dance has translated into a love and passion for all the performing arts, which is why I chose a career path in the arts, and I hope to keep the arts in my life in the future.

Any advice for people who are interested in dance, but have never danced before?

It takes time for your body and mind to get used to a new teacher or dance style, but don’t give up right away! And more important than getting the steps right is that you’re having fun!

Anything you want to promote? Anyone you want to give a shout out to?

The GWU dance department for continuing my dance education and instilling in me the importance of the arts. Also to darlingdance company- we’re a brand new modern/postmodern dance company based in DC, and we’re performing at INTERSECTIONS: A New America Arts Festival on Saturday, February 26th. Come check us out!


About Cecile
Cecile Oreste is an arts marketing and public relations professional living in Los Angeles. Follow her on Twitter @cecileoreste.

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