Is there a need for professional level dance classes in DC?

After returning to DC from Houston, Christine Stone Martin continuously heard that dancers are looking for professional level classes. She decided to conduct a survey and work to make that happen. It only takes a few minutes to fill out so if you think there is a need for these types of classes please share your feedback. The deadline is Saturday, May 14th!

Dear Dancers,

After talking with many artists in the community, I have found there is a strong need/desire for a professional level class. Several classes have existed here and there; however, attendance is often small and inconsistent. Why is that? While living in Houston this past year I was shocked and excited to find a professional level class existed that was packed every Wed and Friday morning. This can exist in DC! We are a much larger community full of many companies doing great work.

In an effort to find out what you want and need out of a class, I am sending out a survey. Please take 5 minutes to respond. I will send results back to everyone who participates so that we collectively understand what everyone is looking for in a class. Let’s rock this town!!

All the best,
Christine Stone Martin


About Cecile
Cecile Oreste is an arts marketing and public relations professional living in New York City. Follow her on Twitter @cecileoreste.

4 Responses to Is there a need for professional level dance classes in DC?

  1. Jennifer says:

    I’ll take the survey!!!

  2. Jenae Manns says:

    ill happily take the survey

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