Dakshina Performs Anna Sokolow’s iconic dances Frida and Homenaje a David Alfaro Siqueiros

Dakshina and GALA Hispanic Theatre are collaborating for the US premiere of Homenaje a David Alfaro Siqueiros choreographed by Anna Sokolow, an early modern choreographer who lived and worked in Mexico for many years. She is considered one of the key figures for advancing the Mexican modern dance community. Other highlights include Sokolow’s vibrant dance work Frida along with artistic director Daniel Phoenix Singh’s fusion work Vasanth which combines Bharata Natyam and Modern Dance. These dances have been restaged by Lorry May, director of the Sokolow Dance Foundation. Performances are on Friday, July 8th and Saturday, July 9th at 8:00 p.m. and tickets range from $18 to $25.

“I am thrilled to be performing at the GALA Theatre to showcase these three dances, which each involve a colorful use of visual design and projections along with explosive dancing.” said Daniel Phoenix Singh, founder of Dakshina. “These works are especially relevant as they bring they bring together Hispanic, American and Indian cultural traditions using dance, art and poetry.”

Sokolow’s dance on Siqueiros was commissioned in 1984 to celebrate his contributions to Mexico and has not been performed in the 27 years since. Known for his scathing social commentary, Siqueiros was an active member of the artist community working to end repression in Mexico. This interdisciplinary work uses slides from Siqueiros’ powerful murals and paintings, poems by Pablo Neruda, Rafael Alberti, Paul Eluard, and Rodolfo Mier Tonche and a rich/vibrant musical score. Dakshina dancers will also recite the poems in Spanish as part of the performance instead of using voiceovers.

Frida, the second Sokolow work being performed, sketches Frida Kahlo’s life from her vibrant, care-free youth, to her conflict ridden love-hate relationship with Diego Riviera, to the painful and slow end of her life. The dance is particularly adept at sketching the various characters that Frida saw in herself, and portrays her as a complex/strong person.

Singh’s Vasanth is an exploration of the Indian myth of how Spring descends to earth when Siva’s intense mediation causes the seasons to stop their cycles. Singh has incorporated the expressive mime, gestures and rhythms of Bharata Natyam into a dynamic modern dance landscape of group choreography, and lush earthy movement. For more information about Dakshina and its upcoming events, visit www.dakshina.org.

The above information is adapted from a Dakshina press release received Wednesday, May 25th.


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