Upcoming Dance Performances at Joe’s Movement Emporium

Joe's Movement EmporiumJoe’s Movement Emporium is a community performing arts center located in Mount Rainier, Maryland. The arts center offers both youth and adult classes in a variety of styles and this year hosted over 100 productions at their on-site performance space. In addition to making the arts more accessible through its after school program Club Joe’s, the organization also provides free weekly classes in hip hop, yoga and hooping.

According to Executive Director and Founder of Joe’s Movement Emporium Brooke Kidd, offering free classes is not just about attracting new students. The classes go along with Joe’s mission to revitalize the community through performing arts participation. “The hardest part about taking a dance class is just getting there,” said Brooke. “But people leave here happy and that’s what keeps you going.”

Joe’s free weekly classes have had a great impact on the community, according to Managing Director Charles Phaneuf. Over 3,000 people have attended their free weekly classes this year. Their after school program Club Joe’s has also experienced growth, said Charles. It now offers its youth participants capoeira and flamenco classes in addition to tumbling, step dance and music lessons.

Joe's Movement EmporiumSince opening in the 1990s, the organization itself has expanded significantly. The arts center started as one store front on 34th Street in Mount Rainier, grew to three and later moved into its current facility around the corner on Bunker Hill Road. Brooke admits the stakes are higher the bigger you get, but she believes that the organization is moving forward on a steady track.

In the future, Joe’s plans to find new ways to partner with the community. The organization will continue working with Envision Prince George’s, a project of the Prince George’s Arts Council that promotes arts audiences as an integral part of business development. Charles sees an opportunity to explore the connection between movement and wellness and Brooke hopes to expand their artist booking services. For more information about Joe’s Movement Emporium, visit their website www.joesmovement.org. Their upcoming dance performances in January and February 2011 are listed below:

Saturday, January 29th and Sunday, January 30th MODERN DANCE: A Woodland’s Dance Scheme in “Perceptions Finagled” – Original works in contemporary modern dance, directed by Datjwan “Day-Marquette” Woodland and guest artists, will feature live music, singing, poetry and more. Collaborations with local artists will blend genres for a visual, auditory and soul grabbing experience.

Friday, February 4th and Saturday, February 5th MODERN DANCE: Daniel Burkholder/The PlayGround in “Ad Libitum” – Through spontaneous movement, sometimes subtle and spacious, and other times charged and dynamic, Daniel Burkholder/The PlayGround delve deep into the subconscious, meditative practices and intense physicality. Includes Richard Bull’s seminal work, Jesus’ Blood, as well as some damn good dancing.

Saturday, February 12th and Sunday, February 13th MODERN DANCE: Contradiction Dance in “Living, Breathing, Human Organism?” – Conceived by Artistic Director Kelly Mayfield, this piece explores how we have lost touch. Our preoccupation with out thoughts leads us to detach from both our physical self and that self within the environment. Despite this, our daily lives play out in a menagerie of animalistic tendencies that are telling in both dark and humorous ways.

Saturday, February 19th and Sunday, February 20th WORLD DANCE: Taratibu Youth Association in “Bridging the Cultural Divide – Youth Voices Count” – TYA will present their Black History show at Joe’s, sharing stories and experiences from their trip to Ghana and experiences here at home as youth become the change makers of today and tomorrow. With a focus on the power in connecting youth culturally and internationally, they will raise their voices and tell their stories of importance of social change in America and Africa.

Saturday, February 26th WORLD DANCE: Soul in Motion Players Inc. and Gamelan Mitra Kusuma – Balinese Gamelan & Dancers in “Rhythms of the World” – Witness the blending of different cultural influences from Guinea, West Africa and Bali, Indonesia. This long-awaited collaboration will feature the beauty of both cultures – sharing the stage together to create one universal rhythmic pulse. Come be part of the experience!

Sunday, February 27th WORLD DANCE: Soul in Motion Players Inc. in “Back to the Root” – This performance is a send-ff celebration as Soul in Motion prepares for their highly-anticipated trip to Dakar, Senegal in March 2011.

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