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Happy Valentine’s Day, dance lovers! I can’t believe how much is going on this Saturday. It’s too bad you can’t clone yourself and go to everything. Lots of people from out of town are here in DC to teach workshops including Mr. Wiggles, Joseph Nontanovan, Marc Spaulding and Antonio Hudnell. See below for event details and other dance news you can use:

Jane Franklin Dance

credit: Paul Gillis Photography

Jane Franklin Dance is looking for submissions for its Dance Sampler showcase. Submissions are due today. They will also have a free performance next Wednesday, February 16th 6pm at The Kennedy Center Millennium Stage.

BTI Dance is celebrating its reopening at their new location 1643 Connecticut Avenue NW. They’re offering free classes all weekend. Classes this weekend have been canceled due to a broken heater!

The Washington Post Express Spring Arts Preview came out yesterday. Sarah Kaufman provided her Top 5 which included Martha Graham Company and Paul Taylor Dance Company among others.

Saturday, February 12th

Sunday, February 13th


Capital Funk Dance Auditions Sunday, September 5th

Capital Funk hip hop dance team is holding auditions this Sunday, September 5th. Third year veteran Brad Sickels took the time to tell danceDC a little bit more about the group and what dancers can expect from Sunday’s auditions.

According to Brad, Capital Funk has been one of the most enriching experiences of his life and practicing with the team is always the highlight of his day. “It’s great to be part of a well-respected and FUN team that is really making a name for itself in the East Coast dance scene,” he said.

Who is Capital Funk?

Capital Funk is a group of extremely talented, dedicated and off-the-wall dancers. “Cfunk” as we call it is a giant family and anyone who joins is immediately adopted into that family whether they like it or not.

Capital Funk was created by a group of George Washington University students and is based at GW. However over the years, the team has opened its doors to the amazing talent of the DC community. Our team is now made up of about half GW students and half DC/MD/NOVA locals, which makes for quite the interesting dynamic. We perform frequently in the GW arena but have successfully branched out into the greater DC area. We also travel to compete all over the East Coast.

What type of dance do you do?

We’ve got so many talented individuals on the team whose styles range from botting and locking, to vogue, Baltimore club and house.We try and keep things fresh and evolving and it’s always been important to us to encompass different dance styles and techniques.

What dance background do most of your members have?

Everyone on our team is so incredibly different. For instance, there are several members on the team who are classically trained in modern and ballet and have been dancing since they could walk. We have dancers who have been doing hip hop for years, and have trained with amazing choreographers and instructors. But then, you have people on the team like me whose first time ever officially doing hip hop was at the Capital Funk audition. Capital Funk is unique in that we don’t ask for a dance resume at our auditions. We don’t require extensive training. We value talented dancers who are passionate about dance and our leaders realize that can come in ANY shape or form. We value diversity in every meaning of the word.

Where and how often do you perform?

Traditionally, our Fall season is comprised of local performances. These can include GW basketball games and events, local universities’ talent showcases/competitions, and promotional events. We spend a lot of the Fall term training, learning and growing together as a team.

Our Spring semester has traditionally been our competition season. In the past we’ve done two to three major competitions in the Spring, traveling to Boston, New York and New Jersey. We also hold our annual Showcase at the end of the Spring season. For this Showcase, we invite local dance crews and artists, as well as talent from other East Coast cities. Our Showcase has been very successful, bringing in a crowd of over a thousand last year.

Where and how often do you rehearse?

We hold regular practice two to three times weekly at a variety of locations. We rehearse at GW and also at DC Dance Collective in Friendship Heights.

What can people expect from the auditions?

They can expect to have a lot of fun! Auditionees will learn two combinations from different choreographers, and then perform them in small groups for the captains. Each group will include at least one Capital Funk member so you can ask for help and rehearse with them.  We then have an informal freestyle cypher, where dancers are given the opportunity to show off their own styles.

Any words of advice for people trying out?

I’d say take a class or two just to fine-tune your pickup. The best way to progress as a dancer is to be constantly learning. Joy of Motion has some pretty tight classes and DC Dance Collective offers a few varieties of hip hop.  Maybe spend a little time with your headphones in just free-styling. Our auditions are fun so be ready to have a good time!

The Deets

  • Capital Funk
  • Fall Dance Auditions
  • The Marvin Center Grand Ballroom – 800 21st Street NW; Washington, DC 20052
  • Sunday, September 5th at 6:30pm

Happy Belated National Dance Day!

I was sad to miss all the fun festivities for National Dance Day in DC, but luckily I’ve been able to catch some of the performances through all the great social media posts out there.  Here are some videos and pictures including a great article with lots of videos from Elias Shams of @AwesomeDC and photos from Joy of Motion‘s Facebook page.  Enjoy!

Flash Mob video from 

DC Dance Collective and Delicious Lawn Gnomes from

Syce Game Dance Crew and Beat Ya Feet King from

Capital Funk Hip Hop Class at DC Dance Collective

I heard about hip hop dance group Capital Funk from some of my friends who saw them at The Main Event.  After watching the YouTube video below which shows their first place routine and doing some Googling, I found out that they hold weekly classes at the DC Dance Collective in Friendship Heights every Monday night at 730pm.  I had to leave about 40 minutes before class started to be there on time.  It was a short ride on the Metro (four stops from Dupont Circle to Tenleytown-AU) and about a 10 minute walk up Wisconsin Ave NW to the studio.

You walk downstairs to the basement of DC Dance Collective and down a long corridor full of old school recital photos to get to the front desk.  Since it was my first time at the studio, I paid $10 for the class and they waived the $15 annual registration fee.  If I do go back for another class though, I’ll have to pay up for class and the annual fee.  Luckily if you don’t carry cash around like myself, they also take cards.

After signing in, I went up two flights of creaky stairs to the third floor.  We were at the studio facing Wisconsin Ave NW, which was separated from the Flamenco class next door by a room divider.  Surprisingly though, the noise wasn’t an issue.

After a quick warmup of walks, turns and jumping jacks, Brad Sickels of Capital Funk taught a combination to ‘Bottoms Up’ by Trey Songz featuring Nicki Minaj!  Even though we only had about an hour, he was able to get through about six counts of eight.  The dance alternated from very fast to a moderate pace which made some parts more difficult than others.  He went over smaller sections multiple times though so it seemed like everyone had it down by the end of the class.  Since he had a lot more choreography for that song, he plans on adding to the combination next week.

At the class I went to, there were about seven people including two other Capital Funk members.  Brad said that turnout has been about four to seven people this Summer since most of their following (college students) is back at home.  During the year, it’s apparently packed so don’t be surprised if attendance shoots up come September.  If you like what you see, definitely try out their class and keep checking their Web site for upcoming audition information.

The Deets

  • Capital Funk
  • Intermediate Hip Hop
  • DC Dance Collective – 4908 Wisconsin Avenue NW; Washington, DC 20016
  • Mondays 730pm-830pm
  • $10 cash or card (plus $15 annual registration fee if you come more than once)
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