danceDC Weekend Event Guide 3/19-3/20

Ajnin Intensive 2Tomorrow I’ll be making my way to Gaithersburg, MD for Ajnin Precizion’s second intensive workshop at Halo Dance Studio. $18 for four classes is a great deal and if you don’t think you want to dance for five hours (but who wouldn’t?), you can pay $5 per class. KODACHROME also hosts their monthly workshop. This time, they’re down in Williamsburg at William & Mary College. When are you guys making your way back up to NoVa or at least somewhere Metro accessible? Shout out to DC Fit Week which starts next Monday. In case you missed it, check out my DC Fit Week blog post ‘Don’t Fear the Dance Studio.’ Finally some news you can use:

Dhoonya Dance celebrates Spring this week with its Dhoonya Dance Holi Week! It started Monday and lasts til this Sunday. Click here for more info.

Dance Place’s open house was also this week. It ends this Sunday at 3:30pm. $12 special drop-in rate for current students and FREE classes for new students. Check out the schedule on the Facebook event invite.

Eureka Dance Festival has extended its deadline for choreography submissions to March 25th. If you apply, please let Eureka Dance Festival know that Cecile Oreste of danceDC referred you.

Saturday, March 19th

Sunday, March 20th


danceDC Weekend Event Guide 2/26-2/27


CityDance Ensemble performs 'Hold Your Breath Until The End' this weekend.

INTERSECTIONS: A New America Arts Festival starts tonight at the Atlas Performing Arts Center. Lots of great visual and performing arts to take in. I’m checking out the festival next week since I’m booked this weekend. Tonight, I’m heading to the Cultural Arts Center at Montgomery College in Silver Spring for CityDance Ensemble’s ‘Hold Your Breath Until The End.’ They also perform Saturday and Sunday if you can’t make it tonight. Thanks to Marketing Manager and all around cool girl Anna Sebourn for the ticket! Saturday, I’ll be dancing in my seats while I root for the Syracuse Orange as they play the Georgetown Hoyas at the Verizon Center. And hopefully Sunday, I’ll be joining tons of fun peeps at James Madison University for KODACHROME (sometimes I wish I had a car!). Enjoy your weekend and keep dancing!

Saturday, February 26th

Sunday, February 27th

danceDC Weekend Event Guide 1/21-1/23

It’s the first weekend event guide of the year. Sorry it took me so long to get my act together. In addition to providing a listing of events, I’m hoping to share information I’ve overheard through Twitter, Facebook and the Interwebs. You hopefully have already heard the news but just in case:

American Ballet TheatreCulture Shock DC has moved from the CityDance Center at Strathmore to DC Dance Collective in Friendship Heights. Company master class is every Thursday at 7:30pm.

As of February 12th, BTI Dance will be located at 1643 Connecticut Avenue NW. They will be offering free classes opening weekend.

New Chicago Dance Studio recently opened in Greenbelt, Maryland. They are located at 7505 Greenway Center Drive, Suite 003.

Gary Beauford is no longer teaching Wednesday nights at Joy of Motion/Friendship Heights. He is currently on tour with UniverSoul Circus.

Friday, January 21st

Saturday, January 22nd

  • 11am-12pm: Master Class with TAKE Dance at Dance Place
  • 12pm-6pm: KODACHROME Anniversary Season II Workshop V at The Weight Club in University Mall (Blacksburg)
  • 1:30pm: American Ballet Theatre at the Kennedy Center
  • 5pm: Britney Spears Pop Video Workshop with Quynn Johnson at Joy of Motion/Atlas
  • 7:30pm: American Ballet Theatre at the Kennedy Center
  • 8pm: TAKE Dance at Dance Place
  • 8pm: Deviated Theatre presents “Sway” an original dance opera at Joe’s Movement Emporium (Mt. Rainier)
  • 8pm: Peru Negro with Eva Ayllon: Festejo at George Mason University’s Center for the Arts (Fairfax)

Sunday, January 23rd

  • 1:30pm: American Ballet Theatre at the Kennedy Center
  • 4pm: TAKE Dance at Dance Place

KODACHROME Season II Workshop II at HeartBeats Studio

photo credit: Justin Jaro

Over 80 dancers made their way to HeartBeats Studio in Springfield, Va. last Saturday, October 23rd for the second workshop of KODACHROME Season II. If you’re not familiar with KODACHROME, it’s a dance workshop series in Virginia that aims to promote and support the East Coast dance community. It was my first time at a KODACHROME event and I was beyond excited to fork up only $5 for three amazing classes. Four dancers from various crews in the DC, Maryland and Virginia area fused their styles for the workshop including Andrew Ton, Kristin Santiago, Chris Munar and Lauren De Vera.

Kristin Santiago formerly of UMBC’s Major Definition and currently of Ajnin Precizion, Tito Boy Scouts and Halo Dance Studio collaborated with KODACHROME staff member Lauren De Vera, also of GnC Crew, for the first class. The girls taught fun and fast choreo to Janelle Monae’s “Lettin Go.” If you’ve never heard the song, it has a Michael Jackson/Jackson 5 feel. Before they started teaching, they described the song as being “so us” and their personalities definitely came through in the combination.

The second class was taught by two members of the Baltimore Dance Crews Project. In addition to working with BDCP, Andrew Ton is Co-Artistic Director of dop (Dancing’s.Our.Poison) and Major Definition alumnus Chris Munar is a current member of Ajnin Precizion and Tito Boy Scouts. The boys taught a combination to one of my favorite songs of all time – Brian McKnight’s “Anytime.” Andrew told a story about a man who turned his life around after meeting his girl. The day he planned to propose to her, she didn’t show up and was never to be seen again. We were asked to think about this story while dancing this smooth and syncopated combination.

The four teachers came together for the last class to teach grimey choreo to Nicki Minaj’s “Monster.” This combination had a completely different feel from the others yet still showcased the unique styles of the choreographers. This combo had the most personality of the three, but was also the most advanced in terms of class level. Although people had a harder time picking up the choreography, dancers were definitely letting loose and having fun with the moves.

After the final class of the workshop, each teacher shared a few words. Andrew talked about the power of positivity while Lauren encouraged dancers to try each time to be better than the last. Each touched upon their own insecurities as a dancer, but recognized the strength they found from working with one another and also being part of the KODACHROME family. Next up for KODACHROME is their third workshop at Christopher Newport University in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. For more information, visit their website, blog or YouTube page.

danceDC Weekend Event Guide 10/22-10/24

Tomorrow is the opening night of Dana Tai Soon Burgess & Company’s Charlie Chan and the Mystery of Love at Dance Place. I’ve only seen the company once before at VelocityDC so am looking forward to seeing them again in their full length production. It will also be the first time I’ve been to Dance Place. Saturday is another day of firsts. I’ll be attending KODACHROME’s dance workshop at Heartbeats Studio in Springfield, Va. This event is four hours of classes for only $5. Teachers include Lauren De Vera of GnC Crew and Andrew Ton of the Baltimore Dance Crews Project. Ailey II will also be performing a few times this weekend – Saturday at BlackRock Center for the Arts and Sunday at Prince George’s Publick Playhouse. Check out the events below and support the local dance community!

Friday, October 22nd

Saturday, October 23rd

Sunday, October 24th

KODACHROME Dance Workshop Series

Check out this info from Elijah Trinidad, Creative Director of KODACHROME.

Introducing! A one-stop-shop for everything KODACHROME. What is KODACHROME? KODACHROME is a dance workshop series held in the Commonwealth of Virginia and the Tri-state area. The purpose of KODACHROME is to provide, expose and support a network for those who garner an interest for dance across the Eastern region of the United States.

We had a blast shooting our introduction video expressing what KODACHROME is all about with footage captured at our Season II Workshop I hosted by Virginia Commonwealth University which took place on Saturday, September 18th. You can catch us at our next workshop hosted by GMU at the Heartbeats Dance Studio in Springfield, VA on Saturday, October 23, 2010.

And read below for more details about KODACHROME that you may not have known from just reading their Web site or blog. Eliijah was nice enough to answer my questions about the dance workshop series.



source: KODACHROME Facebook Group


Do you only host hip hop workshops or do you expose other dance forms as well?

We historically host hip-hop dance workshops but are completely open to all forms of dance. A majority of the choreographers that contact us teach hip-hop pieces, but you can notice jazz influences, as some of the teachers are trained in other dance techniques.

What makes KODACHROME different from other dance workshops?

The defining factor of KODACHROME Dance Workshops from other dance workshops is we’re a completely open dance workshop series. All levels, all demographics, all ages are welcome.

What do you hope workshop attendees will get out of the workshops?

We feel workshop attendees benefit from attending our workshops the second they step foot into the studio. Our network across the east coast has organically become a family. Not only will attendees gain great dance techniques from peers, amateurs and professionals, learn dope choreography, get a great workout, and just have a great time with great people, but they get the exposure that they deserve. Expose dance. Those two words encompass all that KODACHROME stands for. KODACHROME strives to provide, expose, and support a network for those who garner an interest in dance.

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