Crafty Bastards Break Dance Battle 2010

MC Shawn Lucas of Hipster Overkill and DJ Stylus Chris of Beat Refinery had the crowd laughing and dancing at Washington City Paper’s Crafty Bastards break dance battle on Saturday, October 2nd. Lab Ratz Crew, Crispy Essence, Delicious Lawn Gnomes, Incredible Sushi Kings, Zion Cubs, Evil Ben and Charlie Brown, Beast Coast Squad, True Monsters and Atomic Goofball were just some of the crews that came to battle at the park off 18th Street NW. After three hours of breaking, the two crews in the final were members of Lab Ratz Crew and Crispy Essence. Each team danced three rounds and at the end, Lab Ratz Crew took home the title.

For the most part, there was good sportsmanship all around. Crews shook hands before and after each battle. People were cheering on the sidelines and dancing in their own side ciphers. There was a little controversy over a three way battle that the MC left up to the crowd to judge. Some people booed at the results which I thought was in poor form. Even one of the judges stepped up to the mic to say that he didn’t like leaving it up to the crowd. I assume he agreed with the people who were booing.

I’m still digitally challenged at the moment (my camera broke over New Year’s and I have yet to buy a new one), but here is a clip of a battle with Evil Ben and Charlie Brown. Love the video title, jinxedtimes2.

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