Lady Greenhawks Dance Auditions Saturday, September 11th

Lady Greenhawks dance auditions

I’m all about sports, but sometimes the most entertaining part of a sporting event is the half time show.  Although I’ve never been to a Washington Greenhawks basketball game, I’m sure that the Lady Greenhawks would be one of the highlights.

Lady Greenhawk Kelsey, who currently works as a research analyst in DC, has been with the team for two years.  Prior to joining the Greenhawks, she and other members of the team danced with DC Body Armor – the dance team of the short-lived indoor football team the DC Armor.  According to Kelsey, dancing with the Lady Greenhawks has improved her confidence as a performer and she encourages anyone looking for performance opportunities to come out to their auditions on Saturday, September 11th.  If you’re interested (or just curious), read on for more details:

Who are the Lady Greenhawks?

The Lady Greenhawks are the official dance team of The Washington Greenhawks, part of the Atlantic Coast Professional Basketball League. This group of women range in ages 20 to 39 years old. Their careers are in a variety of professions, including business, human resources, health care and teaching. The Lady Greenhawks dancers perform during half time and between quarters on game days throughout the season and join the Greenhawks organization in community events, parades and festivals in and around the DC Metropolitan area.

What type of dance do you do?

Our style is jazz and hip hop. This year, veteran Lady Greenhawk Shawnita Pair joins the team as our new full time choreographer.

What dance background do most of the Lady Greenhawks have?

Most of the Lady Greenhawks have a strong background in jazz. Several of the returning dancers regularly attend jazz and hip hop classes with Derek Brown at the Joy of Motion Atlas studio.

Where and how often do you perform?

We perform primarily at the Greenhawks basketball games, held at Coolidge High School in Washington, DC. We also perform at events around the DC area. Most recently, the Lady Greenhawks performed at the Cal Ripken Little League World Series before the U.S. Championship game.

Where and how often do you rehearse?

We rehearse on Sunday afternoons at a gym in Washington, DC.

What can people expect from the auditions?

Our auditions are pretty standard as far as dance teams go. Dancers will learn a short routine and perform it in small groups. Dancers may also be asked to show technique in an across the floor combination (pirouettes, jumps, whatever you’ve got!)

The Deets

  • Lady Greenhawks dance auditions
  • Balance Gym – 1111 14th Street NW; Washington, DC 20005
  • Saturday, September 11th; Registration at 12:15pm – Auditions will begin at 1pm.
  • $25 registration fee (cash only)
  • Must be 18 years of age by August 1, 2009; must have full/part time job or attend college full/part time
  • Wear midriff baring top, shorts and full make up; hair should be straightened or with light curls
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