IN IT TOGETHER Dance Workshop at Contradiction Dance Studio

MaryAnn Reyes and Josh Gilmore

MA and Josh

Lisa K picked me up from the Harman Center after watching some of the Arts on Foot dance performances last Saturday and we made our way to Contradiction Dance Studio in Silver Spring for the IN IT TOGETHER hip hop dance workshop. This event was a farewell fundraiser to support Joshua Gilmore and MaryAnn Reyes, who are both moving to Los Angeles to pursue their dance dreams. The former Culture Shock DC members presented two one-hour hip hop dance classes for the price of $25.

The first class was a collaboration between two guest artists from Los Angeles – Cheryl Koo of The Other Duck and Beau Fournier of Fanny Pak (as seen on MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew). They taught a little more than seven eight counts to a song I’ve never heard of but had a hot beat. They described the style of the combination as being both bourgie (bourgeoisie) and grimey at the same time. I can’t really give you better detail than that. It’s a perfect description.

Josh and MA taught a combination to Chris Brown featuring Tyga and Kevin McCall’s ‘Deuces.’ I wasn’t familiar with this song either, but I’m guessing from watching the video on YouTube that they cut the music for the dance. Josh and MA’s style was really different from Cheryl and Beau’s which made for a well rounded workshop. Although I had a harder time picking up the choreo in the second class, it was still fun to do. It also helped work on my control as some moves alternated from fast to slow.

Josh and MA ended the class by thanking everyone for coming and also by reminding us to support each other in our dance endeavors. It was a positive way to close out the workshop especially as they prepare for their journey in LA. If you missed the workshop last Saturday, you’ll have at least one more chance to take class with MA. She’ll be teaching Culture Shock DC class this Thursday night at Strathmore. Hope to see you there!


source: DMV Dance Network


Hip Hop Class with The Oven

After taking a quick train ride to Rosslyn, my friend Lisa K picked me up in her new jeep and we ventured out to the Green Acres Center in Fairfax.  It was about a 45 minute trek from Arlington with the downpour and traffic, but well worth the effort.

The hour long class took place last night at 830pm in Room 111 of a local community center.  It wasn’t the best facility, but there was plenty of room to move around.  About 15 students, mostly boys, were there to learn from MaryAnn Reyes of The Oven Dance Studio.

The combination incorporated some reggae moves, as well as body rolls which are always fun to do.  Once the whole combination was taught, we were split up into two groups.  We did the combo once with MaryAnn and once without.  Then she chose a few people to do the combination before one of the Green Acres staff members asked us to wrap it up.

The level was intermediate/advanced hip hop, but she was able to break down steps, counts and music well enough for everyone to keep up.  If you’re intimated by an intermediate/advanced level class, she also teaches a beginner class at the same location that starts at 730pm.

The price is $15 for drop ins, but you can also purchase class cards – five for $70 and ten for $130.  If you’re going to drop in, make sure to bring cash.  The Oven classes will continue at Green Acres until August 18th.  For more information, check out their site or this write up from World of Dance.

The Deets

  • MaryAnn Reyes
  • Int/Advanced Hip Hop
  • The Oven Studio at the Green Acres Center – 4401 Sideburn Road; Fairfax, VA 22030
  • Tuesdays 830pm-930pm
  • $15 cash only
  • 8/23/10 UPDATE – MA no longer has weekly class as she is moving to LA. Good luck, MaryAnn!

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