Somapa Thai Dance Company Presents “Pralor”

The Somapa Thai Dance Company will present two performances of the dance drama “Pralor” on Saturday, October 22 (8 pm) & Sunday, October 23 (4 pm) at Joe’s Movement Emporium (3309 Bunker Hill Road, Mt. Rainier, MD; (301) 699-1819). Ticket prices are $20 for general public, $15 for seniors, and $10 for students, and can be purchased in advance online via Joe’s at “Pralor” is based on excerpts of a centuries-old romantic and tragic tale from what is considered among the most sensual pieces of Thai poetry. This tale of forbidden love, social and political taboo will feature a complete cast of 17 performers in Somapa’s premiere attempt to bring this Thai classical dance drama to an American audience.

“Pralor” recounts an ill-fated love that springs and blossoms between a handsome king and two beautiful princesses of neighboring warring states, who throw caution to the wind and plot impatiently to meet and consummate their passion despite the perils of a journey, hostility from family and society, and political opposition and scandal, which lead the three lovers to a tragic end. Based in the Silver Spring – Takoma Park area since its inception in 1999, Somapa has been a long-time partner with Joe’s Movement Emporium in highlighting the diversity of local arts and culture and is proud to team up again with Joe’s in bringing this project to fruition. Proceeds from the two performances will benefit Somapa’s and Joes’ ongoing activities to promote the dance arts in the local community.

The Somapa Thai Dance Company has been actively giving performances, presentations, classes, and workshops since its founding in 1999. The Washington area-based group has performed extensively in the Washington metropolitan area, and has danced before audiences in several other festivals in seven other U.S. states, as well as in Mexico over five tours. Key members of the troupe have over 30 years of performing experience and trained in Bangkok under the instruction of the most renowned Thai dance masters. Somapa’s mission is to preserve and promote Thai culture and arts in the Americas. It seeks to foster mutual understanding between people of different countries, cultures and ethnicities as well as contribute to the diversity of the communities where members perform, teach and share their experiences.

The above information is adapted from a Joe’s Movement Emporium press release received Thursday, October 13th.

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