Teal Tides Celebrates Life Through Dance for Ovarian Cancer National Alliance

Local DC-based dance companies collaborate to present the dance performance fundraiser Teal Tides: With Dignity and Dance. This event, taking place on Saturday, June 29th at the Atlas Performing Arts Center’s Lang Theater, will benefit the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance and raise awareness about ovarian cancer.

June 29th - Teal Tides Image

Dancer: Alissa Wilson, Photo Credit: Anna Mecagni (courtesy of Sarah Guy)

Featuring Taurus Broadhurst Dance, Hollow Dance Project, and LillyVonn Dance, the event will support the Alliance’s national level advocacy efforts to increase research funding for the development of an early detection test, improved health care practices and life-saving treatment protocols. In addition, it empowers survivors through innovative programming, such as Survivors Teaching Students®.

Teal Tides is led by a young woman who is an ovarian cancer patient. “When I was diagnosed at 30 years old with stage III ovarian cancer, neither myself, my family, nor those in my community knew very much about the disease or its symptoms. I want to make sure that no other woman ever experiences that situation. When you know the symptoms and the risk factors, you can advocate for your health,” stated organizer Sarah Guy. Guy credits the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance, the DC dance community, family, and friends for helping her cope with the diagnosis.

“Cancer can make you feel very isolated and alone, so it is really important to build a community around this cause. Community has enabled me to remain myself through this diagnosis and to keep a great quality of life. I want to honor, grow, and strengthen those communities through this event,” she said.

For Guy, who has taken dance classes at Joy of Motion Dance Center since 2007, dance classes have been a means of physical and emotional recovery for her. “With this disease, you feel like you are living in opposition; you are going against something. With dance, when you are connected and moving to the rhythm, you are going with the flow of life. I have found so much comfort in that process.”

The above information is adapted from a press release received Tuesday, June 11th.

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